Freelance: Cons and Pros


This is a very interesting infographic on the pros and cons of being a freelancer online. I can see that someone has been doing it a while.

As a freelance SEO Analyst I can relate to everything on this infographic, some items more than others. Be aware of the grind of ups and downs that come with working as a freelancer, especially in the SEO field. There seem to be lean times and good times. If you cannot stress out too much then the freedom of the job is a win.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Securing your online payments


The world has become an information society. You can find out anything you want on the internet. You can do business with people from all over the world on the internet.You can do shopping as billions of purchases are being made over the internet at a constant rate. The world is truly at our fingertips. With all of the amazing possibilities that come with the online world also comes a downside. Where ever you have business going on you have the trade of personal information and the crooks already know this. When you put your personal information out on the online world you do not know who all is able to retrieve it. This can be a very expensive problem if you are among those who have their identity stolen. You do not know who all you need to protect your information from either. We often think of people hiding inside of small dark rooms stealing our information by hacking into a safe file but in fact it can be the employees at the very company that you are doing business with. It can be done in front of everyone and no one realizing what is happening until the damage has been done. This can be a very frightening scenario. Especially when you think of how often you give out your personal information or at least make it available for getting into.

How can you do business in a world where you can not give out your personal information?

Would the entire computer business world not shut down?

How can you protect yourself against an unknown enemy?

These are all vital questions but there is a company that has been able to figure out a way to stay ahead of the crooks! You can do you business or personal purchases and not open up your personal identity information to anyone. The only way to survive in a world that is always changing is to change right ahead with it but stay just a little ahead and this company has figured that out. You can still do all of the things on line and be 100% safe. If you use a Secure Payment Agent you can pay your bills and make purchases and have your information protected so the thieves can not find out anything leading back to you or your family. Even your passwords are protected!

Content and its power


Content is Dead : Long live content.

Just when your blog seems to just one in a million, think again, it is one in a million but it is also full of content which the search engines crave. Content has been king for driving readers to your site and also adding information to the world wide web. Content is what the buzz from Google has been for the following year. The Search engines like a consistent posting time, like once a week where the readers and search engines will look for content. The one negitive is never duplicate content or copy content from another source to go on your website. Google penilizes such actions.

Long live content.

The Do

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Was it a Penguin or a Seal from Google?


Wow! Last week was crazy. The Google search engines keep changing ranking. This happen all of last week. Is this Penguin 2(Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update) or maybe something new. I will call it “Seal”. All of last week the rankings kept bouncing all over, some by the hour. Is was a time of hitting F5 to see what changed next.

The second helping of the Penguin webspam algorithm or Penguin 2.0 was rolled out in May, complete on May 22. With this in mind what happened the first week of July. Website rankings changed for many, some for the good. Thank goodness not many bad.

It feels like the Penguin got shook and was wrestled down until there was major fallout. You could not advise clients on their search engine ranking until the “Seal” did its work. As for the second week in July the “Seal” has rested until the next time it shows its ugly head.

A pawn -

I buy blogs


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Sell my blog


Sell my blog, the words of wordpress blog owners that might get a little burned out of maybe have a new job that they do not have time to blog. That is ok, I want to buy your blog.

Some of my requirements for the blog to sale:

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The blog for sale needs to have 10 posts.
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